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A store holds the entire state tree of your application.

The only way to change the state inside it is to dispatch an action on it, which triggers a reducer to modify the state in an immutable way.

To create it, pass a root reducer and some other options to it:

const store = createStore({
  reducers: [
  initialState: Map({
    someStuff: 'yep'


  • initialState
    • Optional (defaults to Map())
    • Expects an Immutable.js type
      • You probably want to use a Map() here
    • This is the initial state of your store passed to your reducers
  • reducers
    • Optional (defaults to [])
    • Expects an array of reducer functions or reducer objects
    • This array is passed directly to combineReducers to create the final reducer function
  • middleware
    • Optional (defaults to [])
    • Expects an array of middleware functions
      • Middleware functions intercept actions before they reach the store
  • enhancers
    • Optional (defaults to [])
    • Expects an array of store enhancer functions
      • Store enhancers allow you to plug in third-party capabilities like time travel, persistence, etc.
  • hooks
    • Optional (defaults to [])
    • Expects an array of hook functions
      • Hooks are called after the store has being created
      • Hooks receive one argument, the store instance
  • plugins
    • Optional (defaults to [])
    • Expects an array of plugin objects
      • Plugins can export any combination of middleware, reducers, hooks, and enhancers
      • This removes a ridiculous amount of boilerplate where you have to individually wire up every piece of a module you want to use


import { createStore, createReducer } from 'shasta'
import { List, Map } from 'immutable'
import * as router from 'shasta-router'

const reducer = createReducer({
  counter: {
    initialState: Map({ count: 0 }),
    increment: (state) => state.update('count', v => ++v),
    decrement: (state) => state.update('count', v => --v),
  people: {
    initialState: List(),
    add: (state, user) => state.push(user)

const store = createStore({
  reducers: [
  plugins: [


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